About this web-site

This web-site is written by Tony Chen (me!). (On my national identity-document, my name is printed as "Tan Pheng Heong (Chen Bingxiong)". As far as I can recall, I had no say in how my name was printed on that document. I chose the name "Tony".)

photo of Tony Chen at a cafe/coffee-shop, known as
                                                             Narrative Coffee Stand, on the island of 
                                                             Singapore; circa 2021 A.D. A young man smiles at the camera.
Photograph taken by Steven Wong, in the year 2021 A.D.
(Steven Wong was formerly a pastor at St Andrew's Cathedral, in Singapore.)

Colour scheme

I observe, and adapt, a colour-scheme called Solarized, which is apparently by a certain Ethan Schoonover.


This web-site is hosted on GitHub Pages.


I don't think there is much to look at, but if you want to look at the so-called "source code" behind this web-site, you can head on over to Github: https://github.com/phtan/phtan.github.io