In the experimental language Toki Pona, it means "Simple is cute". Specifically, I meant "Simple Web is cute" , but there is no word for the Web, in Toki Pona, as far as I am aware (I'm a beginner at Toki Pona, as at 20th December 2019).

Alternatively, because of the ambiguity inherent in Toki Pona, "Pona li pona" could mean, among a number of things, "good is good". Or, because I think of God as good: "God is good."

Bonus content

Since you were curious enough to find your way to this web-page, I would like to reward you with a hand-made collection of flash-cards: 200+ words and phrases in the language called Bahasa Indonesia (as you may know, Indonesia is a large archipelago in the region of South-east Asia).

You can import these flashcards into the software called Anki (or any of its variants, such as AnkiDroid).