Here is my portfolio that showcases five works from a two-year period (16 October 2018 to 6 October 2020): in PDF format, approximately 1.5 Megabytes in size

And if you are interested, I am selling my original visual works online, at

Selected exhibitions

In the year 2017 A.D., an art therapist recommended that I make a visual journal. Elaborating on what such a journal was, she said to write down what my artwork was about, or, if I am not mistaken in my recollection, she said to write down my thoughts and/or feelings at the point in time that I made my artwork. She said that it would be a record for my own reference in the future.

I chose to make my visual journal public at the following URL:

Through an album at the website Flickr, I highlight a few of my photos that my audience likes: