I am inspired by the story of a master of the martial art Aikido, who wore a white belt - the belt beginners wear. I strive for a Beginner's Mind - open to mistakes, to be sure, and/but also open to learning - always fresh: it could even be said I strive to have the mind of a little child. There is a story in Zen Buddhism, about how a cup full of old tea is not ready to accept new tea: a reminder to myself to empty my mind, in a way.


I am highly selective with who I work with. I see a commission as a way to build a relationship with a fellow human being, rather than a mere transaction between a buyer and seller.

Maybe I'll spend a year to get to know you, before agreeing to work with you. Now, I'd like to know more about you and what you stand for. What will you absolutely not tolerate? What kind of world do you want to build, while you are walking on this planet?

Still interested to work with me? See if you can find me.